Landscape Cacti - Tucson, Arizona

Jon Weeks of Landscape Cacti Nursery is the owner and he sure knows his stuff about cacti! Every cactus nursery in Tucson have all told me the same thing - that no one knows as much about cacti as Jon Weeks. He was a botanist professor at the University of Arizona for a long time, which speaks to his vast knowledge about cactus plants.

Jon's greatest attribute is his attention to his customers. Every time I have gone to his nursery, he has gone out of his way to make it a great experience. He always helps with the Latin name of cacti, and answers my questions without making me feel stupid. I think Jon, being a former teacher, probably has a lot of built-in patience for people like me! The other cool thing is Jon has a lot of rare stuff that you can't find anywhere else.

Photos and commentary by Martin Molina, an avid cactus gardener in Tucson, Arizona. (June 2010)

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